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Gibson Les Paul Historic Collection '60 Reissue

Sound Quality

Very rich tone, with tons of sustain. That said, among Les Pauls, it's actually fairly crisp and articulate (probably due to the Burstbuckers). I primarily play mine through a Bogner XTC with Marshall 1960 4x12. This is an incredible combination, yielding a phenomenal 'chunk' for rhythm playing, and great clarity for leads.


Seems pretty solid to me - Les Pauls are among the most-played guitars out there, so I'll asume it should be fine. However, I DO use straplocks - these guitars are heavy enough to fall fairly easily and do some damage when they hit.


General Comments

I've been playing for 20+ years, and would currently be considered semi-pro.


This guitar is now my primary workhorse. The only reason to have anything else is for strat sounds (single-coil) and for trem bar work. For basic rock and metal playing, this guitar covers it, and nothing else sounds better or plays better.


It IS a very expensive guitar, though, so it's hard to justify calling it a great value for the money. This is rather like driving a Ferrari, though. It really IS that good, but it's just far too expensive to justify by any normal rational process.


Reviewer's Background

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