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Sound Quality

I went thru a short spell where I expereinced a few issues where the wah sounded suffocated thru my amps. It's a "known" issue meaning that Gary has seen it for himself with hi-gain amps both of which mine are. I put the vintage transistors back in and it sounds great with amp overdrive or pedals now. I have a number of other pedals on this board and the tone of the other pedals are only affected when the wah is on, otherwise it's dead quiet. Currently use it with a Peavey Ultra Gain Triumph 60 combo but have had it hooked up with a Mesa Boogie Mark III simul class combo.


Gary is an artisit. He overhauled and did an over the top mod to mine. He added a toggle switch for more/less bass, a toggle to turn off the batter if one is used, a power adpater jack, blue LED, true bypass, he also has set mine up with dual inductors. He also changed the caps and resistors out for better tone. Additionally, he's added pots for volume, Q and bass. I would completely rely on this modded pedal without worrying about a backup.

General Comments

Gary designed the mods for me at my request so it's perfect for me. Playing for 30+ years and own too mcuh other gear to get into it here. If mine were lost, I'm an idiot and should go without wah for the remainder of my life, if it were stolen I've placed a GPS into it for e-z tracking! Like I said the only other thing I would like would be to be able to control the volume, sweep and Q from external controls. Inspite of this I'm still giving this a 10 because of his awesome work overall.

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