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Sound Quality

I play hard rock and metal and this is a monster guitar which suits those styles perfectly. Well balanced, not heavy. The finish is flawless and beyond words. If you've never seen or handled a Rico Jr. in person it's difficult to describe other than to say that his finish work from finish to frets to binding is like glass. I'm not a pointy fiddle kind of a guy but these convinced me to keep an open mind!


I'm certain it would hold up well in a tour and there are a few artists that put these guitars under that rigor, but I'm not about to, besides if I put it down between sets or songs I'd be paranoid it would suddenly grow feet and run off! This guitar is awesome in ever aspect.

General Comments

I probably wouldn't buy another Vixen because it's just not my style of guitar. I like single cuts and strat bodies like Washburn Idols & ESP's but don't get me wrong this is an amazing guitar in every aspect.


Since I now have 2 Rico Vixen's I plan on getting a Jekyll 727 which is a super strat shape with a 27 fret on 24.5 fret scale 7 string.



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