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Sound Quality

I had a modded MT-2 previously by another well known effects modder but as good as it sounded it lacked something to my ears. Garmopat Mods MT-2 has all the balls and grind I was looking for AND the warmth and vocal range. Very nice tone, nice bloom and you can still hear the guitar and YOU playing, it's not just buzzy and grindy or harsh, it's very sweet in an "in your face" kinda way! Very cool. I play primarily with a frankenstrat ESP LTD, with Original Floyd Rose, EMG 81/85 actives, AB'd thru a Peavey Ultra 60 Combo and Boogie Mark III Combo and the pedal whips serious ass! I have either modded or custom pedals on my board and switch between amps using a startouch SG1 switcher. But this review is all about the Garmopat Mods MT-2!


I KNOW I can rely on this pedal and if it gave out for some reason I'd just get another one, send it to Gary and have him dupe it for me. I have other metal pedals on my board but this one has the most tone and balls of them all.

General Comments

I play all kinds but have been leaning toward metal lately, I like the whumph you can get with the mix of modern and vintage instruments and effects.


Like I said I had another modded MT-2 but I sold it and asked Gary to make this one up for me and it's a keeper.


Look him up at garmopatmods.com

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