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Sound Quality

Since I play hard rock and metal this guitar is perfect not only in functionality but appeal as well. It looks metal! I have the jet black with white neck binding model. It's a fantastic sounding and powerful guitar because of the woods used, the hardware and the neck thru design. It's an amazing instrument especially for what Bernie is asking for them direct at 1475.00! I use this primarily with my Marshall TSL100 and Mesa Dual Rectifier Solo Head in 'stereo'. Nuff said.


This guitar is rock solid but I wouldn't be doing gymnastics with it, it could take someone's eye out! Seriously though, it's gig worthy and a beautiful instrument that could stand up in any situation.

General Comments

This guitar has exceeded my expectations. It's not as incredible as his custom shop hand made guitars but what is, especially at less than half the price of one?


It's a great guitar.

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