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Sound Quality

When I first got the stock pedal it was a little noisy, lifeless and sounded pretty sterile even nasally. Since getting it back from Gary this sounds much more organic with that tube like rectified sound. This pedal is connected to a slew of pedals modded by Garmopat Mods, Keeley,etc. My amp is a Blue Stripe Mesa Boogie Mark III Simul Class combo and I play a frankenstrat ESP LTD with Dimarzzio PAF PRO in the neck and a Super Distortion in the bridge, and a USA Peavey Wolfgang with Jon Moore pickups that are brutal. I don't experience any bad feedback, love the harmonics, and the TONE, this thing has got it and the balls, damn!


I believe that this is a solid pedal but then again I don't abuse my shit and since I have other pedals that do the metal thing I might as well have them with me, but not really solely as a backup but rather because they sound different.

General Comments

I love Rock, Hard Rock, Blues, Metal and this pedal sounds damn good no matter what I'm playing. All you'd need to so is roll back on the guitar volume and switch pickups to get more bluesy, etc. I have compared it to the rest, and imo this is the best!


Check his site out at www.garmopatmods.com and see if he'll do one for you!

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