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Big K-75tne

Line 6 POD XT Guitar Multi Effects Processor

Sound Quality

I have this connected to my Intel iMac via USB and use this primarily as a recording/practice unit. I have my main settings which are a 80's JCM800 and JCM900 (separate settings of course)through a 1960A cab with a sure mic. I have reverb and delay on. This is the sound(s) I spend all of my time using. Is it dead on? Please, it's a small digital box thing and if you truly expect it to be then I really don't know what to tell you. For me personally, I like it for what it is.


Seems well built to me, but I gig with the real deal amps and rack effects for gigs but I know folks who do and they dig em fwiw.

General Comments

Play hard rock and old school metal and this works just great! I had a POD 2.0 which I hated and sold a week later, and was very apprehensive getting the XT based on that experience but I was pressed to get a quick recording late night jam unit so I pulled the trigger on this instead of the X3 and XT pro and I'm very glad I got this instead!


If something happened to it I'd definitely get another one.


I've had ZOOM's in the past and they don't come close.

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