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Sound Quality

This is where this baby shines. As already mentioned this amp has a distinctive raw-open-organic sound/tone. Definitely sounds better cranked but sounds sweet down low too. Nice cleans and drive tones, Very much GNR thing happening. With the matching cab loaded with V30's I'm in heaven.


It's 21 year old and is in excellent shape. Not a ding or tear anywhere! The original plastic control panel cover is till on it as well as the stock tubes! Looks great, sounds great but I never gig a valve amp without a backup.

General Comments

If it had a reverb that would have been nice. I could think of a few other things but that's being nit picky. It's a legendary piece because of how it's made, how it looks and how it sounds!


I owned a BRAND NEW 2555 half stack when they were first released!


I was such an idiot for selling but who knew?!

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