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Sound Quality

This switch is absolutely dead silent. Even the switch isn't loud or noisy imo, the click isn't going to be heard in the club anyway! I had another ABY switch and I could hear the other amp bleed over, and it was noisy but that's what I get for buying a cheap switch. This has no such issues, it is DEAD silent between amps AND guitars! I have many modified (Keeley, Garmopatmods.com), vintage, or custom pedals on my arsenal. I have to main rigs. One, a frankenstrat ESP LTD with EMG 81/85's, an original Floyd Rose, D-Tuna, Trem-Setter, and a USA Peavy Woflgang with the same EMG and other hardware listed for the ESP. The amps are a Mesa Boogie 1 x 12, combo Mark III, Simul Class with reverb and EQ, EV 12 200W Classic Speaker and retubed with Tung Sol 12AX7's and SED Winged C's EL-34's and TAD 6L6's (both matched pairs) and the ther amp is a Peavey Ultra 60 (Trimuph) which has been completely gone thru likewise, with an Emminence Black Powder speaker, Sovtek Tubes, Mullard 12 AX7's, has been re-capped, and re-socketed with ceramic/gold tube sockets. So they are high gain amps that require noiseless hardware, and this switch absolutely fits the bill.


I looked inside and this thing is built with great care and quality. It's rock solid, beautiful to look at (power coat red) the LED's are top notch and I asked Tony to add the DC jack so I don't even have to worry about the battery thing. Very nice.

General Comments

I like this switch so much that I plan on getting an ABY switch to be able to blend the two amps and keep this one to switch between guitars.

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