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Sound Quality

I can understand why folks have bashed this amp on a few of the more recent reviews, compared to a few other amps it does lack in a few areas but without making major changes to the amp and the setup I was able to coax a very useable and comparable tone even when comparing it to say the JCM 800 or 2000. First what I did was re-tubed it with a matching quad of JJ E34L's Read that again carefully, I wrote E-34 L's instead of EL-34's. I used the E34L's for JJ E34L's for a deeper and tighter low end and a very warm and punchy tone. The kit I purchased also included 2 hand picked high gain ECC83S's for V1 and V2 along with a high gain current balanced ECC83S for V3, the phase inverter. Prior to the tube swap I want to mention that I was using an MXR 10 band EQ via the loop to boost mostly the bottom end to an acceptable degree of success I might add. Since the tube change as well as the good going over and re-biasing, I've not had to use the EQ at all. The tone is very good. Very rich and full yet dynamic. The chords and strings sound so much more articulate now. I also added a DD-7 to the mix and it really brought this to life. I don't use it for the cleans, I use it for the old school metal and hard rock tones I dig. I play mainly USA Les Paul's. One has the EMG ZW set, the other primary LP has a set of Bare Knuckle Miracle Man's. I also use a Jackson with the EMG 81/85's a Washburn PS8500BSG1 with a WCR Iron Man in the bridge and another Washburn Evil Twin with EMG 25th Anniversary's installed. I like a big rock sound as you can see. Although I have a few pedals I pretty much use my DD-7, my wah as needed for certain tunes and an Ernie Ball volume pedal. I control my amps with a switcher. I can't say enough about how good this amp sounds the way I have it set up especially after the tube change.


I don't gig without backups but it's never let me down in a gig or in practice. Impressive considering how old it is.

General Comments

I wish it had a reverb built in is about all I can say. I like this amp a lot and I'm very picky about my gear

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