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Sound Quality

I use primarily heavy duty rigs such as USA Custom Shop Washburn's such as the Evil Twin Idol of which I won two one with EMG 25th Anniversary pickups and the other with Mustaine Livewires. The others have Bare Knuckle or WCR pickups so that should give you an idea of the brutality I'm after. I have this amp ABY'd with a Peavey JSX half stack which I have hotplated so I can actually play it without shearing the paint off the walls. I love it for it's versatility (the JSX) and more modern edge, long story short I use it for the 3 channels, clean, crunch and ultra all of which it does quite capably. Getting back to the JCM 900 though, it has that gut wrenching tone & vibe that is all Marshall. It's enormous in tone and power and the fact that it's a single channel amp doesn't hold me or my buddies back when we play though it. You can get any kind of tone, but we aim for old school metal and this I believe is tailored made for it. It seriously loves my Les Paul's especially those equipped with EMG's but it's responsive to all of my fiddles. If a player feels limited by this amp I can empathize but I don't feel restricted by it's simplicity at all, in fact I love that about this amp. Besides, the 2 masters allow the player to dial one up for the heat! Considering that this amp is 13 years old, still looks great and sounds even better speaks to the quality of design. ABY it with another amp as I stated above for the wall of doom thing and it takes you to another plane.


I don't gig tube amps without backups and if one of my heads went down, I would switch to the other. That said though, I don't think I'd be hesitant to do so if need be. Never had a problem with it. I'm at least the 3rd owner and it's been well cared for.

General Comments

Long time player, like I said I would love it even more if it had reverb but I use outboards so it's hard to justify ******* about it.


Great amp, great tone, great power, it's a Marshall, nuff said.

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