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Sound Quality

It has range! I can get a very sweet-clear tone for clean interludes and harmonies, to crunchy bluesy sting, to clear thunderous metal crunch and all point between. This setup, with the woods, maple neck, ebony fretboard and pickups make it happen. I was initially skeptical about the Dimebucker/59 combo, (not that I don't like the 59, and honestly I have no experience with the Dimebucker other than fiddling around with fiddles equipped with them in shops) so much so that I ordered a replacement combo.... Only to cancel the order once I tried the fiddle out. This thing rocks! It works for me and my setup. Not too bright or brittle, but powerful and toneful. I love this rig! It's very easy to play despite it's size (48" L) and weight because of the way it's shaped. The neck access is ridiculously incredible, I can play all the way to the end of the board without changing my hand position! I'm using it with a Peavey JSX 120 head/JSX 4 x 12, that has TAD 6L6's installed. I have a bunch of pedals and rack gear and use a delay and reverb to enhance the sound not detract from it. I use the amp for my distortion by "diming" the master and backing off on the pre-amp. I also have a THD 16ohm hotplate between the amp and cab to keep the levels sane. This fiddle is a great looking guitar. I LOVE the black finish and the abalone bolts! They POP!


I replaced the buttons for Dunlop Strap locks and I know this thing is rock solid and could be gigged without "backup" but I'm not that kind of guy. When I play I like to have lot's of my fiddles with me!

General Comments

Awesome fiddle. I've never owned a pointy fiddle ever, and this is going to be one of my "go-to" rigs. That right there should tell you what I think of it.


I can't replace it if it got lost or stolen but I would hunt the "dead meat SOB" down who took it!


It's a limited edition of 50.

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