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Big K-75tne

Mesa/Boogie Mark III Simul-Class Combo

Sound Quality

I love all the sounds of this particular amp. It has great tone but mind you it's all Boogie all the time. I don't go around thinging or convincing myself or anyone else that it's a Fender, Marshall, Boogie all in one. It's a Boogie and I'm glad it is. It has unque voicing and characteristics that I personally enjoy and appreciate and let me tell you it cuts the club like a knife, it's unmistable and refuses to be denied. The clean channel is really sweet and warm in my opinion but it can be pushed too far and clip if you're not careful. What I like is to push the R1 channel, then roll back on the guitar and use my pick attack to add some "sting" to the tone. Nice. R2: Like I said, it has the R2 mod which replaces the direct out in the back and you can adjust the volume of the R2 which to me gives it much more of a unified gain across the 3 channels, because R1 was boosted in the blue stripe mod, and the lead channel was tweaked into a more powerful IIC+. Lead: BRUTAL. Really nuff said here this is the Boogie Mark III signature sound. It makes my neighbor's balls vibrate and he lives the next street over! So you can imagine my tonal nirvana LOL! I use it primarily with a frankenstrat guitar I had designed for me. It's actually an ESP LTD MH-201 that has a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge position and a Dimarzio PAF PRO in the neck (both humbuckers of course) then the luthier added a Schaller Floyd Rose Double Locking Tremolo and nut after he routed the body to accomodate it, installed an EVH Drop D-Tuna and tremsetter, then he completely worked the neck to perfection. It's a monster and no matter how much I go kamikaze with it, it manages to stay in tune but this isn't about the guitar now is it? I have a few Keeley modded pedals (SD-1 5 Star, MT-2, AD9) A GARMOPAT modded TS9 (to the max!), another GARMOPAT modded Tubulator (don't laugh, this sucka roars!) a vintage Ibanez FL-9 flanger, a script modded MXR Phase 90, a TU-2 tuner and a just released new for 2006, Teese RMC2 on my pedaltrain. I have a completey different train setup for my Peavey Triump Ultra 60 which I modded and it sounds sah-weet, completely different beast than the Mark III which is why I ABY the two. I've learned how to keep her reeled in so I can play bedroom levels and get full grind or crunch and I can play loud enough to get the cops banging on the door and still can't hear them, but I'm a nice guy ;) and don't go there. I play mostly along the lines of Bonomassa, Marino, SRV and definitely Van Halen, but I can pretty much go with anything with my rig, I'm more into an agressive edge that has warmth and soul. Oh and as someone else mentioned here, at low volume, this amp has a nice spongy feel and quality to it.


I bought the amp from a guy who babied it, he sent me the road case, the cover, the pedals even the original paperwork from almost 20 years ago with the settings etc.! It was a head when he first bought it and he recently bought the cabinet and speaker & roadcase and just realized he wanted something even more vintage. I've had Boogies before, they're built like tanks and weigh about as much but what the hell that what the wheels on the roadcase are for, and if need be, I can always use a dolly! With tube amps it's just wiser to have a backup because you never know and why go through the aggravation? I just bring along a backup or in my case a sidekick which can serve as a backup, heh.

General Comments

Been playing almost 30 years, I own all kinds of other {censored}. I'm really picky about what I buy and it has to sound right or I dump it or return it for refunds.


If it gets lost, I'm probably in an advanced state of dimentia if it gets stolen, I pity the poor fool who tries to run with the damned thing with a .45 cap in his ass!


I have loved Boogies from the first time I heard one and I have compared it to many other amps. It's not necessarily the best around, it's just the best to me and I know when other players come up to me between sets and comment on my tone that somethings going right!


I wish it had better reverb but I read that you can get a reverb mod done and I do wish that the knobs were more incremental in their response. It goes from whisper quiet to ear shattering with a small touch of the master! It's somewhat of an exageration but it's illustrative of what I'm trying to convey.


This is THE Boogie to own imo. It's a giant killer. I know, I've slayed a few. Not my fault, they made me do it!

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