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Sound Quality

I mostly play grunge rock and punk like Nirvana, The Ramones, Green day, ect. Now even though this is a metal pedal, it sounds great with everything. I use a new les paul junior green day edition with a marshall mg. This is a great pedal, has a great sound, it does get a little noisy when you turn up the treble, but overall sounds great.


This is a boss. I could drop it out the window.

General Comments

Okay, as I told you before, I like grunge rock and punk. Either way, this is a GREAT distorion pedal. Now I've been playing an hour a day 4 2 years now. When I found this pedal in a random shop 4 50 bucks, I demoed it and bought it. I hope I never lose it, but if I do Ill definately buy it again. Now, I have a LOT of boss pedals, but this is definately in my top two. Now, I made songs before I got this, but it gives me the best sound 4 those! Even though this is my only real metal pedal, (unless u count the xt-2) It is certainly a great one!

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