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Sound Quality

I play through a vintage Stromberg Carlson PA (handwired for guitar) through the epiphone valve junior cab (eminence lady luck speaker). I play a wide variety of music and it does everything very well because the standard pickups have a lot of voicing and get a wide range of sounds. The sound is very rich and warm; it can get bright but you have to do some EQ work to get that telecaster bell-glassy sound.


This is my main guitar and is very solid. My friend has dropped this before on concrete and there is only a small dent on one of the corners in the body. I changed the strap buttons shortly afterword to straplocks, no worries, since.


General Comments

It's an excellent guitar for someone getting serious into guitar playing! I would recommend this guitar over Gibson or Fender guitars in the same price range (700-800).

Reviewer's Background

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