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Sound Quality

Before buying the Larrivee I played several acoustics in my pricerange (unfortunately these guitars are much more expensive in the Netherland; I envy the guys that bought it for a couple hundreds of dollars). But who cares, you can't take it with you and this guitar's sound makes me feel good. It has a solid bass (not as muddy as some Martins), nice mids and highs that stay in line. In short, I find the sound quite balanced for my regular fingerpicking as well as for light and heavy strumming. Never had a guitar like this, although my Simon & Patrick 6 cedar wasn't bad at all but no comparison to this all solid device. I love it. I give it a 9, only because I know somewhere there must be guitars sounding even better than the Larrivee, but costing many times more. In ways of price-quality relation the other makes will have a hard time beating Larrivee. My friends in two bands were just amazed about the sound of the Larrivee. The Martin DM of one of them just can't stand up against it sound- and playwise, no way. I feel like I just have to look at the Larrivee and it plays; it's rather effortless. I so wish I could hear the sound of this guitar after aging, but that's just a question of waiting, playing and patience!


This guitar will definitely withstand live playing, because I think it's not as fragile as it may look due to the semi gloss finish . In my opinion it will take dings easier than the cedar soundboard of my old Simon & Patrick. Anyway, you must be careful but not too careful; it still is a thing you have to use and enjoy, so an accasional ding won't be the end of the world. The black strap buttons look solid and have a nice feel. I don't think this guitar will let me down, given some care at times. I play it with and without amplification, depending on the gig and I just have fun over the fact that I play such a superb sounding and looking guitar.

General Comments

I have been playing the guitar for more than 40 years now and this is my first all solid wood guitar. All I can say is that should have done this much earlier. I have a 30 years old German Lyra (never heard of it either!) 12 string with a laminated neck that I'm about to update with a Tusq bridge saddle and nut and probably a pick up. Further more I own a Squire electric guitar with an unbelievebly smooth and quick action. And don't forget the pre-WW II big belly mandoline my mother used to play in those days. I will sell my Simon & Patrick 6 cedar. I am rather sure that I would buy this Larrivee back when being stolen or demolished. Before buying the Larrivee I compared it to a Lowden F25 of a friend, a beautifully sounding guitar but above my budget. I've heard Tanglewood 15NS, Martin DM, D15 all mahogany, D16GT and some Taylors. I liked the Martin D15 because of its very dark woody sound which is good for certain kinds of music. I found the Larrivee a very much more versatile and all round guitar with a fabulous sound quality and sustain. The more I play the Larrivee, the more I know I did the right thing by buying it.

I could well be stuck with Larrivee for the rest of my live. Who knows one day I'll buy another one to keep the D-03 company and because they're so beautiful.

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