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DOD FX55 Supra Distortion Pedal

Sound Quality

i liked the older version very much it soundet very good and the boost section was great you could get this kyuss like distortion sound wow that was cool! but it had a problem with the switch button and so i chanched it at my local store the gave me a new version because dod said they cant fix it!(god i was so stupid i should never do this deal) now i talk about the new version it doesn`t sound as good as the older ones and it has lots of noise it`s so shitti like a normal low priced pedal! i hate it! the sound it self is a standard distortion not bad but not good!


seems to be good but my older one had it`s problems! very sad!

General Comments

the older ones are great but the new ones bad!

so if you find an old one with the boostsection then buy it!

but don`t buy a new one they are very noisy!

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