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Sound Quality

I have read the other opions in both this forum and in the SGX 2000 Express forum. Some people have not been to kind in this catagory. How's this for an explaination of SGX series of products. If you are a multi-faceted musician and *need* to sound like many different artists i.e. you play in a cover band. This is the box for you! I play in cover bands and original bands and feel the SGX is my savior when I need to go from U2 to Megadeth and then to an original sound. I have had numerous compliment on my *tone*, which I attribute to my Strats, Hamers, Mesa Boogie (customized) and ART, oh and of course my own orginal style. It's not what you've got, it's what you do with what you've got. Don't look to ART (or any other effect) to create an *original* tone for you. Oh yeah, it's pretty quite, needs a better flanger but great chorus makes up for it. Stereo effects are amazing, but then again I love mixing down and actually using stereo.


Very dependable, doesn't like voltage spikes though, always use a *real* surge supressor. Most clubs have dirty power.

General Comments

I would recommend this unit to any studio musician and cover artist. I use it in both those venues plus playing original music. It's quiet in the studio and multi-faceted live, but you need to buy the foot peddle for live gigs. I like it's ease of programming and ability to duplicate popular artists, while still allowing for some new tones and sounds. rack effects aren't for everyone, but if you are considering a rack effect, you must at least listen to this unit before you decide what to buy. Yes it's a little pricey, but hey, I've got two Mesa Boogies, what the heck do I know about bargain basement products. Buy the best, and play your best and good things will happen.

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