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Sound Quality

Sounds crisp and clean but overdrive my amp and this guitar is a true beast. I play through a vintage PRO amp, about 20 years old with 6L6 valves pre amp. Similar to an old feder twin, and the combination of vintage valve withthis guitar has to be heard. Have played everything from Westone to PRS but this is the sound I've been looking for, if you want to play dirty blues like me...


Hardware is solid, even the plastic tuners do their job really well (Ihardly have to tune this guitar unless I'm breaking in new strings), build quality is second to none. The finish is very good, looks like you could scratch into the paint but just find it's red all the way through.I have replaced the strap buttons with schallers purely for the straplocks but the originals were really ok, just you never know... I gig regularly with this guitar, always gig with a backup as a matter of course but rarely have to use one. This guitar is just to sexy not to gig with.


General Comments

OK been playing 16 years, use a vintage pro amp 100watt valve amp, digitech effects (when necessary), also play Vintage SG, ESP, Westone Concord, Ovation acoustic and Fender Bass. The Airline is my baby though. Love the Les Paul sound and this Airline matches it clean and surpasses it played dirty, can be a little wild but put it on the neck pick up and oooh. Those sound chambers just give it something else! My only wish is that I'd found this guitar sooner, I will say this though, you gotta play it through a valve amp. Like bread and butter, ebony and ivory etc to get the best of this guitar go valve. You wanna ask me questionjs about it go ahead. Finally if I had this guitar lost or stolen I would cry my heart out, then go buy another one.

Reviewer's Background

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