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Gretsch Guitars G5120 Electromatic Hollow Body with Dual-Coil Pickups

Sound Quality

I'm using this with my Traynor YCV20-WR which has been modded with JJ's Eurotubes, the gold pin kit with max headroom, and swapped out the speaker for a cannibus rex. Uh la la! This guitar sounds fantastic thru this little tube amp. Check out youtube for sound samples.


This thing is built very well, top quality craftsmanship, from Korea no less. So my guess is that it will hold up well. I really like the strap buttons too, very unique. I'm just a hobbyist so it'll get treated well, hope to hand it down to my son in time.


General Comments

Been playing about 5 years as a hobbyist. Have various other guitars, American Strat, ESP EC1000, Gibson Songwriter, Gretsch 5122 DC, The neck on this is so playable, it fits my hand so well, love it. If lost or stolen i'd buy another one instantly, might shop around for a limited edition white one too. Only thing i wish it had is better tuners, maybe locking version. This guitar has a great following, as witnessed by over 40 reviews here. For about $600 you can't hardly do any better, the quality craftsmanship alone merits this purchase price. As a bonus this is Gretsch's 125th Anniversary, so you get a special little sticker on the back of the headstock indicating this. This is my first Gretsch, i love it sooooo much that i purchased it's cousin the 5122 dbl cutaway, i love them both.

So yourself a favor, try one. You might be surprised how great this import can sound. Highly recommended !

Reviewer's Background

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