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BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost Effect Pedal

Sound Quality

In a single word... AWESOME. I wanted something to juice up my signal & slam the front end of my AC30, and this thing was the ticket. I have it set around 7 (2:00) for just a slight boost which sends the AC30 into chime heaven. Along with my DredgeTone pedal, I get 3 different versions of AC30, from clean to chime to ripping controllable feedback. Though I almost bought the BBE treble booster instead, I am SO happy with the way this has worked out.


Seems solidly built but will have to let time tell... Having owned a Sonic Maximizer back in the "rack daze", I never had an issue with it so I expect the same quality from this pedal.

General Comments

Again, was looking for something to just push my AC30 into chime/grind territory & this little guy was the ticket. With so many choices out there, the BBE was in the same league as other "boutique" pedals costing more than twice as much. Would have liked to try the Keeley Katana just to compare (as I have heard/read some really great things about it). But for the performance and the money, the BBE is just AWESOME.

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