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Sound Quality

This is why I am bothering to write a review on what was probably not generally a super high quality guitar.  Though they cut corners on some of the parts, the sound of this guitar is the best I have ever heardin a classical.Now you would probably be thinking, "Does this guy have decent ears, or is he just easy to please?"  Well, to explain that I'll have to explain about the first guitar I ever bought.  It was a Korean made super cheap guitar that had been damaged in transit.  I was living in Sweden at the time at the age of 16 and was completely bored out of my mind with NOTHING to do at the house.  So I asked my friend to help me buy a guitar.She played, I didn't.We went to 5 music stores and she tuned and played every guitar in that town that was within my very limited means of payment.I listened to them all and we bought the one that sounded the best.  It was this dented Korean guitar, and the nice lady let me have it for the huge sum of roughly $70. So, I had something to occupy hours of boredom and within less than a year I had taught myself the basics of classical guitar.  I never would have done it if I hadn't been getting cabin fever, so I am grateful for the circumstances that caused me to buy a guitar in desperation!  So, I returned home after a year with my cheap classical guitar.It had a very annoying bass string buzz because the nut was too low at that end.  I took it to the local music store that had been in business for decades.Explained the problem and asked them to fix it and put new string on it. I came back in a couple of weeks to find the owner at the store alone.  I explained that I was there to pick up my guitar.  he said "Which guitar would that be?"  I explained about the buzzing bass string and the new strings and he froze in place and said, That's your guitar?.  Then he asked me in a very focussed voice where I had gotten that guitar.I explained I got it in Sweden. I was now back in the US.  His whole demeanor changed to one of sadness.  He kind of slumped a bit and looked really disappointed.  So, I asked him why he had wanted to know.  He said, 'That guitar of yours makes every acoustic guitar in my shop, even the $2500 ones sound like a cardboard box.They don't know how to make a guitar sound like that.  It's an accident."  Then he told me that if I EVER wanted to sell it he would buy it in whatever condition for $350.00

I was a kid and didn't know much about guitars at all.But I told the poor guy that if that was so, why was it I couldn't get it to stay in tune?  He asked me what I meant, because he hadn't had any trouble with it.  I told him that when I tuned the strings open they were in tune until I pressed a string, then it was wrong.If I tuned it holding a chord, then it was wrong when it was open.  He looked at me with this amazed face and said, "That's how you picked that guitar.  Most people can't even hear that difference." Then he went on to tell me that it was a basic flaw in the instrument and it could not be fixed - period.  I was really not happy to hear that, but I still own that guitar.

However, this Samick sounds better than that one.I was completely amazed to walk into Goodwill and find this guitar.It is simply amazing.The richness and depth of tone are unbelievable.  They had the airconditioning on in the store making a huge racket and I could tell even over that noise that this was a really great sounding instrument.  I have been to countless music stores since I bought that first classicaland have never heard another guitar that sounds as good as my other guitar, until this one.  So, there is a genius in Indonesia somewhere who can make classical guitars like no other.  Or it's just another freak accident.  I don't know, but I am NEVER going to sell this guitar.Ever.I can't say that they are all like this.  Somehow i really doubt it, but good lord this thing has tone! To me it is priceless.


So far so good.  It's an acoustic, so you have to be careful with it.  But, it looks brand new and it's probably at least 10 years old now.Maybe not, don't know for sure.

General Comments

Best classical I have ever heard in 32 years of playing.  It should be a 12 at least. Amazing sound.  I've been to classical concerts with world class  artists and.some of them were playing guitars that sounded like hell to me after this one and my first one.I have a feeling those guys can buy whatever they want.  You can't buy this.  You have to find it first, then you can buy it. But the finding is the really hard part.  Rare as hell.  A couple of the classical guitarists I have heard over the years did have beautiful sounding guitars, though.I heard Andre Segovia once and his guitar was amazing, too.  And he could do the instrument justice.  I still have a ways to go on that score, but I enjoy it even so.


So, if you keep your ears open and just try everything that comes across your path, you may find that special one.  I have long since quit paying much attention to how guitars LOOK.  I appreciate a pretty instrument, but it's the sound that separates one fine instrument from a pile of wood and glue.  And I have gone into guitar stores and played some of those really expensive guitars.  I've never been tempted.  Real music lovers listen.  It's about the ears and the soul.  If anybody from Samick reads this, you might want to find out who made guitar no.98092994  Really amazing.  Thank him or her for me!

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