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Sound Quality

I own one elctric guitar by choice, a Gretsch 6120-60 and it sounds beautiful and transparent. That great Gretsch sound and early Fender tubes. Talk about soul. The amp makes one sound- pure tone, breaks up around 6-7, which is nice. I'm 20-something and somewhere between the Buffalo Springfield box set and wasting hours on programmable, plastic crap of every variety I came home to this amp.


Based on the other reviews and given the age, these amps justify the cliche about things not being made the way they used to be.

General Comments

I'm not the oldest player or the best, in fact I'd consider myself willfully ignorant of many of the particulars discussed out here. I'm not a gear junkie either. But, I pay attention to tone and soul and this amp embodies both. I may start collecting these off ebay for all the obvious reasons.

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