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Sound Quality

The amp suits my style perfectly. For folks who know harp players, I get a very nice even distortion with good edge (a la Mark Ford) and very full tone when I set up like I described. As an aside--guitar players usually love my harp tone and I get LOTS of very favourable audience and other musician comments on the sound I get. I can't take the distortion above about 11 0'clock without starting to get very poorly defined chords but that's fine anyways--at 10 or just under 11 o'clock the thing just howls and the chords are clean and differentiated. What I mean is: I want each note in a chord to sound distinctly--at 11 and over they start to get blurry. The delay is very flexible, from short to long and with variable depth and repeats. I use short delay for a bit of fattening and two repeats for a bit of *carry* on the note--subtle. I haven't used the other effects enough to judge--except they work and there's a fair bit of flexibility. The amp has bass, treble and *presence* controls so I can vary my tone enough to play any type of gig I get--from classic country or western and mellow jazz, through funk and R&B to kick-ass metallic blues-oriented riff-rock.


The amp is simply relinble. I've had it for four years with NO problems, ever.


General Comments

I've played almost 40 years and so far--I like this amp better than anything else I've used--and I've used a number of the classic harp amp/mic combinations (bullets with Fender tube amp models, etc). If this amp were lost or stolen I would simply cry--and then I'd email over 150 used musical equipment stores and pawn shops like I did last time and hopefully find another one.


Is this guitar great for gigging with a guitar guitar? I simply don't know but it's a great all purpose harp amp. I do play guitar but I only use this amp for practice purposes with the axe. It works fine--easily the equal to any other small practice combo I've used and the built in effects are VERY handy for practice--no need to set up a pedal chain.


I'd like to try the DAC 25 XD so if anyone has one - get in touch :-)

Reviewer's Background

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