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Sound Quality

Highly useable, super righteous uni-vibe/leslie type rotary sounds. I liked it better than the comparable offering by sweet sound, the Mofaux vibe. The Magic Boy is a far sweeter and more useable sound in my honest opinion. My only issue with this pedal (if you could even call it that) is that fact that it sounds like ASS through my Bogner Shiva's effects loop, and that's really more the amps fault if you ask me. Stupid Bogner effects loop... Anyway, it sounds AWESOME running in front.


Funny story, I blew it up quite on accident, TOTALLY my own fault, and Sean fixed it no questions asked. It's working great and shows no signs of any residual problems. Not only is the product itself rock solid, but Sean's willingness to stand behind his products really stands out as well.


General Comments

I love, love, LOVE the hell outta my LovePedal MagicBoy Vibe. It's a simple box that sounds great, works great, and requires little effort to master. Set the internal trimmer and foget it, use your foot to set the rate with the BIG assed knob. Buy this box and love it, Sean won't steer you wrong.

Reviewer's Background

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