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Sound Quality

for once, the hype is true. yes, the TS-808 is better, smoother and tubier. yes, the first TS-9s were probably a little brighter overall, but this is an honest-to god tube screamer. you'll like it. i do.


all plastic, but it's good strong stuff. the plastic battery lid is waay too cheap looking, but no problems or breakdowns to speak of.

General Comments

i love my soundtanks. analog mike is going to modify my TS5 for $40 this summer, and it already sounds great. my brother has two original TS-9s, and the tone is identical. one of his was slightly brighter when gain was cranked. big deal. i paid less tha $30 new. even after modification, it'll be less than $75. gotta go. jeopardy.

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