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Sound Quality

Distortion/gain settings are most realistic you'll find, depending on what your using as an amp. The low/mid gain that other modellers have trouble with feel and sound authentic. And don't let anyone kid you, the Tonelab has plenty of gain, and when coupled with a distortion pedal can melt your face. It's geared toward a modded vintage amp kinda sound, not really for recto/modern metal. I feel this is the fault of lackluster EQ's, not lack of gain. Studio cleans are difficult to achieve. They often sound more like a clean amp cranked and then attenuated. I recenlty purchased a Digitech 2101 to help me get Vai-like studio cleans.


Very durable. I've had it for about 5 years now, various bands and rehearsals, slugging all over. She's got a scrape or two, but holds up very well. I guess like they say, a real tank. I bet you could run it over with your car and break off some knobs, but it'd still work. Only maintenence I did was clan out the controller pedals.

General Comments

I think my decriptions above is about all there is to say. I've used many preamps over the years, from the original Chain Reaction, GSP-21 Pro/2101, RP-2000/3 to name a few. There's a few problems with it; The "studio clean", single stomp box option, and lack of looper could easily be addressed, and are the ONLY reasons it isn't a full 10+. But it does offer the best in overall category. You'll need to experiment with what you use to amplify it, as some amps/rigs will sound better than others. Sometimes go in the front of an amp, other times in the return/powermp section. Experiment, don't just do what they told ya.  Use the global switch. If you want a selection of very good amps (feel and tone), and a basic tool kit of useable effects, all in an easy to use throw down and go format...this is it.

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