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Sound Quality

I find the sound much diffeent the others describe. Guitars are like pasta. They all look alike, but, each one is different. My SC rings like a bell and except for certain (small) areas of the fretboard ( higher frets, lower strings)it kicks butt! It actually sounds piano like when cartain more open chords are played. The resonance is amazing!! I use a small VOX amp (uses one tube)


Have not had it long enough to say....BUT This baby always stays in tune. It varies very little and that's a GOOD thing! Hense the 8 rating


General Comments

Love playing it and through the VOX the sounds I get out of it are amazing. Hate putting it down.


There are some minor flaws here and there although, for the price, very minor. If this guitar costs $2500.00 I might be singing a different tune. But, it costs one tenth that hense a 9 rating.


I like this guitar better than my $1200.00 Martin. Sad to say!

Reviewer's Background

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