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Sound Quality

My setup is guitar to dod overdrive fx-50b to crybaby wah to arion eq to this to amp. I can get good swirling chorus sounds, decent phasing sounds, and some type of flanging (but you can't get the real slow flanging). This works great with melodies. I can also get kind of a rotating speaker sound which is okay. As I said, it can't do great flanging, but it's a pretty versatile pedal. Not noisy, even with distortion on. I get like GNR type chorus (ie. Knockin' on Heaven's Door). This pedal get a nice strong sound, or subtle if you want.


I already own a dod overdrive, and I love it. Don't listen to the shit about dods falling apart, it won't happen. You can count on it.

General Comments

This is a good, strong, versatile chorus pedal, which is what I wanted. For $35 including an ac adaptor, it's a good deal. You don't need the ac adaptor for it, instead I use it on my dod overdrive. I think dods are great value, and aren't overpriced like Boss. This thing is good, but not like the good old Univibe. It's kind of a metallic sound, but i like it anyway.

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