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Sound Quality

A bit noisy, especially with AC. And in contrast to the other review of this pedal, I've found it to be quite a battery-sucker. But then again, I'm notoriously bad at remembering to unplug the input when I'm not using it. BUT: Otherwise, a fine pedal. Crank everything up and add distortion, and you've got a good thick-textured wall-of-sound going on, a la MBV or FSA; turn the man knob up, res down, give it a little depth, and you've got a relatively unobtrusive chorus effect. Typical flange whooshery is of course fine and good, if a big trebly with bridge pickups. But my favorite feature comes from cutting the depth, setting the man know at about 10 or 11 o'clock, and playing with res between midnight and 5 o'clock -- sort of a poor man's Marc Ribot sound...


No problems in a year, and it was well-used when I got it. I'd keep an extra battery on hand.

General Comments

I wouldn't part with it. I wish that _I_ had a noise suppressor, but it's not the fault of the box. Playing with single coils on a couple of extreme settings ("man" at full counter-clockwise) can sound like a room full of pissed-off electric eels. But even that noise isn't so undesirable all the time. I'm not into incredibly lush chorus or phasing -- and this unit simulates both just enough to make me happy. Just the range of effect -- from near-transparent to completely overwhelming -- beats hell out of most pedals I've tried.

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