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M-Audio Keystation 88es USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

Sound Quality



the build quality is a below average.  it's very light... but i've had it for 1.5 years and the keys are starting to change there resistance (or lack of).  the product feels cheap.


General Comments

Ii do alot of midi programming.... from sequencing drums to playing piano. I have 3 different setups.... studio, home, laptop.


My #1 complaint... the VELOCITY SENSITIVITY on the keyboard is just plain AWFUL.  you basically get 4 velocities... 20-25, 68-72, 90-96, 126-127.  the 68-72 group is the hardest to trigger.  so it's pretty much impossible to get any expressiveness out of a good piano sample library that uses 8 to 16 layers per key.... u end up getting 3 to 4 samples triggered over and over.  same goes for drums... you'll never get any of the samples to trigger in other ranges.  so you have to spend more time in the midi editor to create realism in your piano playing and drum programming (more so for acoustic kits obviously).




if you need 88 keys and don't have the space for a bigger board or don't want to spend $400+ on the next step up... then this is your only option.  the reason i still use this thing is cuz of its slim width and cheap price.  it fits perfect on my workstation at home.


if you don't need 88 keys DON"T BUY THIS THING or any other keystation.  buy an ozone or another 2 octave controller with more assignable knobs and better velocity sensitivity.


this thing should cost $100 not $200.

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