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Sound Quality

I use this at the end of my signal chain to switch between an L.R. Baggs Paracoustic DI (mandolin & banjo) and a Gibson Super Goldtone half stack. Absolutely no pop, signal loss or bleed over. The disengaged channel goes direct to ground to eliminate that awful pop that was too apparent in my last A/B.


Absolutely. Steel construction, powdercoat paint finish, protected LED's...built to last, has a warranty, and sets my mind at ease.

General Comments

I play in a touring rock/folk band, and this is one of the highest quality pedals I own. I have put this against SignalFlex, Morley, and Whirlwind, and there is no comparison. For the price, this one heck of a deal for the craftsmanship. There are also a number of custom options that can be added. I'd purchase another in a heartbeat; in fact, I'm looking for an excuse to buy another. Tony is a total pro, a great guy making great pedals.

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