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Sound Quality

i use a pete back custom guitar,duncan pick ups and locking trem. two marshall valve state amps,ns2 metal master,ge7,ch1 chorus. i find that if you boost too much it does bring noise up like many people have said,but i have found the sound i like without boosting much so no problems for me. i love the sound of the guitars in symphony x and for all those people who say why cut mids just listen to this stuff it will blow your socks off.before the ge7 my sound was near but there was something missing now my chord sound is spot on much more clear and more powerfull the lead sounds better too.if i turn it off it shows how crap my original sound was,i dont intend to turn it off ever its that good.very slight boost on the bass cut the mids and 0 on the treble near to symphony x as i will ever get,cant put my guitar down now.i dont think i would like to use it to boost much it does sound noisey even with the noise gate on.


dont know yet

General Comments

i play metal and i think this pedal is superb for this style dont know if its any good for other music.i could not get the sound i wanted without the ge7 and i have been playing for 20 years this is the best sound ive ever had and over the years ive had {censored} loads of gear.not used any other eq dont need to now.

i think i would like to eq the lead different to chord work so a programable unit maybe a good idea, think boss do one though, too costly for me.

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