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Sound Quality

Fender has confused practically every music store with the Cybertwin! Every music store ivisited to ask questions concerning this amp state that it is a full tube amp... What a mistake to tell the customer, this amp reminds me of the failed Marshall amps that used Hybrid design. The Cyber-twin only has 2-12AX7 tubes in on the pre-amp side; very limited. Sadly, power out is all solid-state! The amp can make a variety of muddy, useless sounds... Distortion is irritating and pointless, trying to duplicate a fully tube amp with SS is a joke!


Fender is a old name that has credit. However, the Cybertwin is a Potpourri of distraction.


General Comments

Over 15 year playing a variety of music.

The amp is way overpriced, proper value should be around $275 - $345.00 new, not a penny more!


Reviewer's Background

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