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Sound Quality

RG350EX (DiMarzio Breed Bridge, PAF Pro Neck) ==> V2JH ==>Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60R in clean channel. This pedal rarely has any issues with noise/feedback, until you use both channels similtaneously on high gain settings. Even then, its not too bad. Always a good, full tone, ranging from sharp, crisp crunches, to hot blues, rough jazz, then all the way to heavy metal scoops and leads. Easy to get very similar modern rock tones, and even older blues tone. Haven't yet tried running it with my RP200A, (which I use mainly for wah, flanger, and delay effects). As the RP200A is very clean through my amp, the V2JH shouldn't be affected.


I've only had this pedal a few days, but have used it in band rehearsals succesfully. The only trouble I had was when the distortion channel seemed to be much quiter than the overdrive, but that was due to the stock battery dying. The casing seems very sturdy, and I would feel comfortable using this pedal live, without a backup. So far very dependable.

General Comments

For the kind of music I play (metal, hard rock, classic rock, blues...) this pedal is versatile enough to do them all, without sounding cheap or hollow. I would definitely recommend this pedal, and would buy it again if lost or stolen. I love the versatility and full, tube-amp tone that it gives, even when run through solid state amps. I was thinking of buying a Boss DS-1, MT-2, or Ibanez Tube King TK999. After hearing this pedal, I needed no further convincing. The only thing I wish it would come with was the 9VDC adapter... Yes 9V batteries ARE handy, but when playing at home, there's just no point. Overall, VERY SATISFIED.

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