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DOD FX25 Envelope Filter Pedal

Sound Quality

Ok, this thing certainly gets a different type of envelope sound than most others. It has its own character, which may not be what most people want. I love it, but the biggest problem i have with it is that the signal comes out very weak. i find myself having to use my volume pedal to boost the signal up every time i switch on the effect. also, the bypass on it is not impressive.


i'm not generally a fan of DOD pedals. it feels like it would break if dropped. and the switch on it is horrible! i have to hit it dead on in order for a consistent switch, which doesn't sound like it should be a big deal, but when youre switching effects on and off a lot, you may not have time to position yourself for a dead on switch.

General Comments

i really like the envelope filtering of this pedal, it is very unique. but because of that, i put up with a lot of bad points. this pedal will definitely be thrown into my true bypass loop.

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