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Sound Quality

My main guitar is a late 80's B.C. Rich Warlock Neck-Thru with stock pickups. I've been testing the pedal out mainly in front of my Crate GX212+. However, I bought the Corrosion pedal to go in front of my rack, which houses my Mesa/Boogie Triaxis and Strategy 500. I'm going to use it to beef up the medium gain Boogie tones into more saturated solid state high-gain sounds. I have plenty of great tube tones in the Triaxis, but wanted to expand to a few more sounds with an overdrive/distortion pedal. This pedal can get a little bit of noise when it is on, especially if dissolve (output level) and rust (distortion gain) are turned all of the way up. In comparison to my old DOD Metal X pedal though, this has a much fuller sound and is less tinny and less scooped sounding. After an A/B comparison between the pedals, this pedal is a bit louder overall but at the same time, is more controllable. With the rust (distortion gain) control at a low to medium setting, this pedal makes a great solid state overdrive to beef up your amp's gain. At high settings it is a good standalone distortion pedal. Even with the gain kindof high, this has a more controllable feel than the Metal X and does not feedback as easily. There is a bit of noise added in bypass mode, not much, but it is definitely there. I plan on taking care of that by putting the Corrosion in some type of true bypass loop.


I have used the old DOD Metal X pedal on and off for seven years and have never had a problem with it. As long as you don't drop these pedals off of a building, toss them into a fire or connect them to a 240 Volt power supply, you probably won't hurt this pedal. Occasionally the input and output jacks do become loose, but that can be fixed with a quick turn of the nut on the jack.

General Comments

I have been playing for ten years and have been in bands ranging from alternative and grunge to death metal, nu-metal, grindcore and industrial. The Corrosion pedal is definitely geared towards the heavier end of the spectrum, giving a hard-clipping, high-gain distortion on it's own or a very high output overdrive to heat up amps with medium gain sounds.


I'm still going to use my Triaxis for most of my main high-gain sounds, but using this pedal in front of the Triaxis's Rythem and lower-gain Lead 1 sounds will give me additional high-gain sounds to use.


If this pedal were stolen or lost, I would try to find another Corrosion pedal to replace it. The Metal X pedal will be my backup for this, but simply does not sound as full as the Corrosion and feels less controllable.


I do wish that the pedal did have true-bypass switching or a better buffer in the bypass mode. I don't like adding noise to my rig. But I've come to expect that from DOD pedals and will solve the problem with an external looping box or switching system.

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