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Sound Quality

I originally bought the pedal because I couldn't get enough gain from my Crate GX 2x12 combo. I liked the increased gain but not the increased noise. I tried using it at low gain settings as an overdrive for the the same setup also. Again, I liked the sound but not the noise. When I got my Mesa/Boogie strategy 500 power amp, I used this as the preamp for it until I could upgrade to a Triaxis. The sound is EXTREMELY good when run through a decent tube power amp section. The pedal does have noise, but I'm planning on keeping it because it simply has killer distortion. It looses one point for noise while on and one point for some noise while it's in bypass.


I have not had a problem with it ever except for a battery dying. I have the ac adaptor for it now, however, so that is no longer a problem. I would suggest not stomping too hard on the pedal switch since it's plastic, but overall the chassis and controls can take a fair amount of pressure without sustaining damage. It looses one point for having a plastic switch.

General Comments

For thrash, shredding, some death metal, some industrial, some alternative rock and any music that you need high-gain distortion for, this pedal delivers. I now have a Mesa Triaxis, so this pedal will only see occasional use, but it will still get used, just not as often.

Like I said in the features section, a midrange EQ control or contour knob would've been great, however the death metal distortion box is the only DOD pedal I know of that does have a three band EQ.

The noise that comes along with using it is the only thing that I strongly dislike about it.

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