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Sound Quality

Using a 5-string Ibanez SR305DX with a Dean Markley K-300B amp. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones as I never get radio stations coming in or any of that. I've also never had it popping or cracking on me. I do agree the low end distortion is a bit weak but most other effects have been fine. The flanging could be a little bit better but I like mine fairly lite so it works.


I find it pretty reliable. I've used it for several years now and it's always worked and always given me the same sounds I've expected from it.

General Comments

Generally a good buy, in my opinion. Not what I'd want if I was planning on being a big star but it gives decent sound, easy use, and is dependable. I would prefer it had a power switch rather than being dependant on a power strip to turn it on and off.

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