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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

I was using the OD2 to all (rhythm and lead) and OD1 was stoped because its sound is to play Blues ,very soft. About these inconvenient my brother make a modification and convert OD1 with more gain and Crunch,the OD2 too but more compress both are news distortions.Now I use it to all . Maybe the noise increase but with a good Noise Gate is enough .These modification is avaliable in my E-mail ,to this sendme a pre-amp schematics (like Bogner ,Custom ,Soldano ,etc.)by e-mail .The sound before the Mod 7 and 10 now .


Change the 2 tubes for 7025 Groove to give best sound and gain .

General Comments

This preamp is the axis to my sound .Various connections in and out from there such :porta studio ,multieffects and poweramp.Before the MOD , you don't need use somme pedal to increase the gain only a Wah-Wah and Noise Gate

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