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Sound Quality

I use a Ibanez RG570 w/ a EMG-81 in the bridge, an Epi Les Paul custom W/ EMG-81's through a Mesa V-twin rackmount's effects loop to Peavey power amp and Peavey 4x12 cab. Big pause when switching patches, very annoying. Good distortion, a great secondary sound if you want to mix it up a bit. The only usable one is the Grunge. Crank up the highs and lows and slam down the mids and you got yourself a tough sounding and very palm-mutable distortion. The rest are useless and very bad fuzzy, dirty, and overdrive sounds. Descent chourus, flange, and reverb. The delays are OK if you're used to nothing, noise-gate and compressor are somewhat functional. The couple other effects are OK to mess around with every once-in-a-while but not very tweakable. The wah is a waste of space, very noisey and loses all tone. A good buy for a beginer, sucks ass when recording direct.


Bought mine new 2 or 3 years ago. Expression pedal broke after about 6 months. Didn't want to wait the 6-10 weeks for them to fix the worthless pedal I don't use. So no biggie. Otherwise no problems. Get used to the delay between patches before you play live.

General Comments

I've been playin' about 4 years and play Metallica, Creed, Godsmack, Lit, Tool, and basically what-ever else they play on the radio. This thing is good if you want a little bit of everything. If it were stolen, I'd go get a Line6 POD or Digitech RP2000, but I'd pay at least $50 for another one of these for a back-up or for my bathroom amp. (Yes, I have an amp in my bathroom. It makes taking a {censored} that much more enjoyable.)

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