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Schecter Guitar Research C-7 Blackjack 7-String Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I play a variety from RHCP to KoRn and have many uses for the 7th string. 1. Slapping and popping as you would do on a bass and 2. heavy distorted riffs which cut through the drums and bass. For stock pickupps it plays clean very well especially on the neck pickup, very full sounding. The bridge provides more gain and is better used with distortion. The guitar has great harmonics when using the brdige pickup so artifical harmonicsand natural are easy.


This guitar seems very solid and have had no problems as of yet. The hardware has not showed any signs of wear at all. The strap buttons are solid as anything, only worry is the quality of the strap. The guitar is very dependable, only thing im worried about is the battery dying on me playing live! Iwould still use a backup just incases!


General Comments

In comparison to other 7 strings such as the rg or universe (probably the most popular) the schecter c-7 is suprisingly better in most aspects. Apart from the stock pickups, the action, build and quality of the hardware are exceptional, and at such a lower cost. The c-7 hellraiser would surpass this guitar on the basis of the emg pickups that are stock. Schecter are still relitivly quiet in the guitar world but if quality this high continues they most likely will become a major company that hopefully does not sell out like fender.

Reviewer's Background

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