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Sound Quality

Great sound. Bright in the highs and enough bass to give it a very solid balance. I play onmy acoustically and perform for just a few friends from time to time. I have a Martin custom with spruce top and rosewood sides, and this is sharper and more of a brilliant tone, as compared to the softer mello sound of rosewood.


Solid! Light, but as well constucted as an acoustic could be. As with anything, TLC will keep it perfect!

General Comments

This piece is absolutely wonderful. Larrivee is pretty much as solid as any of the big three manufacturers. The sound is comparable to a Martin D-18 or any of there mahogany pieces. I own a Martin D-15 custom rosewood and now the Larrivee D-03 mahogany. I have played just about every acoustic you can find in the stores and these two models are what I found to be the absolute best models under $3,000. The only reason I gave 9's for the categories, is because sometimes I will play a ridiculous Brazilian Rosewood Martin that is really in a league of it's own!

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