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BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost Effect Pedal

Sound Quality

To the guy that give a 5 and disappointed - here's what you need to do: if you want more VOLUME on the distortion channel you have to put this boost pedal in the effect loop of your amp, here is the rule - if you want more GAIN from a distorion the booster need to be before the distotion - if you want more VOLUME it need to be after the distorion!! simple as that.. if you don't have effect loop in your amp you cannot do it - use a distorion pedal and put the booster after it. or get an amp with effect loop and then use the distorion channel. offcourse that in your case you'll gey more GAIN !!! but don't say that a product is not good because you don't know how to use it properly... hope it helps.


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