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Sound Quality

Sound quality is about what you would expect out of a unit like this. This really isn't meant to be used for professional recording or even live gigs. I bought it because I work on the road and it has all of the effects I want plus a built in speaker. Its a great portable practice amp. Thats it. Dont expect much more. However, it does have many good effects. The chorus is nice. Compressor really brings out the sound. Nice 'verbs also. The distortions need tweaked tho. But you never get the sound you need from any unit straight out of the box. The built in speaker really doesn't deliver much sound. Clean patches tend to sound best, but dirty patches lose alot of lows. Although the built in speaker doesnt offer much in the way of sound quality, the unit really shines when plugged in direct to an amp or through good quality headphones. Built in speak i rate a 4. External amp I rate a 7.


I would not gig with this unit. It is made of plastic and the speaker is hinged. I wouldn't count on it taking too much abuse before something snaps.

General Comments

I like the 7010. Its very portable and does everything I need it to do. I wouldn't gig with it, but that fact that you can use speaker emulation and run it direct through a board really adds to its usefullness. Overall i give it an 8.

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