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Sound Quality

I'm using this preamp with MY B.C.Rich Warlock(neck:Seymour Duncan Screamind Demon Bridge:Seymour Duncan Invader)and Marshall Amp. I get this stuff before I'm using BOSS GT-3 as my preamp. after change to ADA it sounds really getting much better. you know.B.C.Rich's Guitar Clean sound always not good but after change this Preamp.My warlock aslo can get Crystal clean sound and the main part is Distortion. it's really amagzing!very various Distortion sound I can get. from Hypocrisy to Katatonia.also can get. can be Thin can be Fatten sound. no any complain for this Preamp MORE I'm sure this preamp must be the best choice if you guys into Metal Stuff


I just have this one for one weeks..I think cannot give too high rate on it?

General Comments

I usually play Doom Metal Stuff sometime will play Black Metal,Classical.I played Guitar for 3 years.if this preamp was stolen

I'm sure I will get that guy and put him down from the cliff.

this preamp must be my last one~

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