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Sound Quality

Doesn't matter what style you play this baby is awesome!!! It's full, it's bright, it's rich, it's warm, it's mellow, & has great sustane. Did I leave anything out??? There is absolutly nothing about the sound of this guitar that I don't like.


Everything seems tight. I would definently gig with it without a backup. As a matter of fact my Taylor could actually serve as the backup although it is also a supreme guitar. Gold hardware always raises a red flag when it comes to lasting this is even noted on much more expensive high end guitars. Therefore I will not fault this less expensive gem.

General Comments

I have been playing for 44 years now. I own a Taylor acoustic, Fender USA Strat, & a Samick Carolina CE series which also holds it's own. I like all the features of the CONTINENTAL especially the light weight, the neck shape, and the cutawy. This guitar has received great reviews which is what lead me to it

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