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Sound Quality

Very quiet, the effects are great for live guitar use. The harmonizer (smart shift) tracks extremely well, although it is a little noisey in the background. I've been able to keep my fridge (20 space rack) in my room without thinking twice.


My Control One's ext expression pedal function no longer works (1 month old). Everything else seems fine. I do use it without a backup. In all fairness my singer kicked my external expression pedal out of the jack while I was using it.

General Comments

I love this baby. I've had a big rack for 11 years. This is a wet dream. I can carry it by myself and it sounds like I need four guys to lift it!!! I'm a little disapointed in the seamless patch change option, there is still a little gap between presets, but only in the preamp section not the effects. I'm afraid here Bob Bradshaw still wins. Fix it guys!!! and it will be PERFECT. I've tried and used a squillion different preamps and effects and for an all in one unit, this blows away anything else!!!

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