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Sound Quality

I use to play classic rock (led Zeppelin, Purple) and 80's rock such as Guns n roses and so on. The sound it's very good for this type if music. CLean channel has a little overdrive if you goes over 7 (gain) and overdrive it's very warm and deep (the bass sound it's great). For practice at home or play in small rooms rocks. Nothing's perfect and I found that if you rises de OD gain over 8 and OD volume over 6 then starts to sound a static very ugly.


I think it will have no problem. It's build with wood and seems very solid.

General Comments

I play with a SG replic from fenix through a ZOOM505, and the sound is

very good (zoom is very noisie,but it's cheap :) ). If I had to buy it

again (and I have not enough money for a Marshall Head) i'll buy

it again. If you play on a band very noisie you probably wont like it, as

if you search for a Metallica Sound or similar, but I'm very happy with it.

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