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Fender FM-62SE Acoustic-Electric Mandolin

Sound Quality

I play many varing styles. Used with Fender Stage 100.Sounds good plugged in and that's what it's for.Sounds good unplugged but not loud enough for loud jamming w/ many other instruments. Great for practicing.You can get different sounds by adjusting the tone knob and it's fun to get alot of sounds by running it through my Digitec RP 300 effects box.


Solid all around.I don't see any problems with this mando.

General Comments

I have been playing mando for 3 years and guitar for 25.I have a Gibson A-9 mando whwch I love the sound. I have a Kentucky KM 630 and a Morgan Monroe MMS-3 both of which I am now ready to trade off since I got the Gibson but not so for this Fender.It plays better than them all.It has a different sound that I like .I wanted a electric mando in case I wanted to amplify or add effects.I did compare this with some Pac-rim mandos at a local music store and liked the sound better than them all, but to be fair, they probably weren't set up right an this makes a major difference in mandos.I really like this mando and have bee very tempted to bid on another when different colored ones come thru Ebay for a low price.I watched everyone that came thru Ebay for over a year and the one I got was the cheapest I ever saw go thru.

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